Chocolate "Manner"
In a copy of the chocolate Manner, we use 60 g. a bar of quality milk chocolate.

The bar itself does not contain any inscriptions and will look absolutely appropriate at any event.

Chocolate is Packed in an authentic label printed on paper of the "right" color and texture.
Confectionery factory Manner was founded in Vienna on March 1, 1890 and is engaged in the production of confectionery to this day. During the war, the company produced a 50-gram chocolate bar specifically for the Wehrmacht. On the label there was an inscription indicating the target audience: "Wehrmacht-Schocolade"
Also on the packaging was applied the image of the trademark of the factory: Vienna St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Original chocolate bars 50g. for Wehrmacht and 200g. Commercial:
Trademark of the Manner factory: Vienna St. Stephen's Cathedral