Sewing kit "Kameradenhilfe"
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Sewing kits "Kameradenhilfe" were made by private firms as a secondary direction from the main sewing production. Such sets had many variations in terms of content..
We recreated the inscriptions on the bag in detail and installed the green button hardware, and reproduced the contents of the set based on real samples of the Kameradenhilfe by Drahoma.

Our kit includes::
  1. Replica of a coil with grey threads
  2. Replica of a coil with white threads
  3. 20 meters of woolen threads for repairing woolen things
  4. Set of 10 needles including a large bag needle for repairing wool and leather items
  5. Set of buttons on the Drahoma brand label
  6. Pins
  7. Folding scissors
This is the most reliable copy of the sewing kit
"Kameradenhilfe" by Drahoma
The correct texture of the fabric
The correct interweaving of threads and red stamps on the cover.
10 mm green button
We have studied dozens of original bags and firmly believe that 90% of these sets were installed exactly 10 mm button green shades.
Exact shape and dimensions
We took into account all the nuances of seams.
Original content
When creating the content we used real samples of such sets from Drahoma
A set of three cardboard reels with threads is designed to solve any practical tasks: from darning socks to sewing buttons. The marking on the coils is applied using High-resolution printing technology.

1) 20 meter reel with gray threads.
2) 10 meter reel with white threads.
3) 20 meters of woolen thread for repairing woolen things.

Working with the original samples, we identified 3 types of buttons that are most often found in such sets: linen, metal and various civilian buttons of mainly black color. After selecting the most suitable samples, we placed three rows of buttons on the Drahoma branded cardboard label.

A set of needles in a bright package "Für unsere Feldgraunen". 10 needles, including a large bag needle, without which it is difficult to imagine field repair of leather or darning wool socks.

Small folding scissors can solve a lot of problems in the military field. Yes, we did not find information about whether the sewing kits were equipped with similar samples, but their existence on the period civilian market is beyond doubt.
Folding scissors