Case for Losantin tablets "Hautentgiftungsmittel"
Losantin or "Hautentgiftungsmittel" - Preparation for decontamination of the skin.

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Historical information:
In the German set of chemical protection, in addition to the Gasmask and Gasplane, was also part of the means for disinfection of the skin and weapons.

To protect the skin from the gas, there was a special Losantin tablets or Hautentgiftungsmittel.

Bakelite case contained 10 losantin tablets designed to disinfect skin affected by chemical warfare substances on the basis of mustard gas. Each soldier should have 4 boxes.

To tablets do not absorb moisture, the joint between the body of the case and the lid was sealed with adhesive tape, the color of which depended on the year of manufacture:

Until 1940 - red.
1941 year - black.
1942 year - green.
1943 year - yellow.

When affected by toxic substances, the tablets should be crushed in hand, mixed with an equal amount of water or saliva to form a mush. Mash evenly on the affected surface. After 10-15 minutes, rinse with water or wipe with a damp cloth. However, the effect of losantin was effective only for 5 minutes, then it was recommended to use ordinary soapy water.

Later, the losantin case was replaced with a set of "Hautentgiftungsalbe 41", consisting of a cardboard package, six tampons and an orange bottle of losantin ointment, which was the equivalent of four losantin cases.
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