Handtuch. Soldier's Towel
Soldier's Towel
Perhaps the most authentic towels for the reenactment of the Wehrmacht.

Fabric - Linen-cotton, the texture is almost identical to the original.
We made our towels in two sizes: 50x86 cm, such dimensions allow it to be used not only for hands. And a cheaper size 50x65 cm for hands and face.

On the towel is stamped H. U. (Heeres Unterkunft in translation: Property of the army) and Army eagle.
The fabric of our copy is identical to the original one. The original towel, produced in 1939, on which we relied when selecting the fabric:
To create the right stamps, we chose a well-readable original stamp and copied it in detail:
Other original samples:
Period photos:
Towels were a mandatory part of the statutory equipment of German soldiers. The argument in favor of this is the issue marks in the standard Soldbuch equipment issue form.
Several Soldbuch with a record of the results: