"TYШОНКА" Lend Lease canned meat
A copy of the 11.5 oz can produced in New York. Inside is a good pork stew, the inscription on the Bank is held tight enough not to be afraid to put it in your duffel bag.

Lend-lease stew has become a brand. The total supply of canned meat from the United States amounted to 664.6 thousand tons (about 108% of the total production of canned food in the USSR), in other words, the American stew was really very much. The red army called this stew "the Second Front".

There were a large number of producers of corned beef for deliveries on lend-lease and respectively there was a wide variety of drawing inscriptions. Despite this, most detected cans labels applied by lithography and invariably it was: СВИНАЯ ТYШОНКА.
Original sample

As a basis, we took an 11.5oz can found in 2004 on Board a Bell P39Q-15BE "Aerocobra" fighter plane, lifted from lake Martyavr (Russia).

Bell P39Q-15BE "Aerocobra", serial 44-2911, board number "White 23" from the 773rd fighter aviation regiment, pilot: Lieutenant I.I.Baranovsky. Lost 19 November 1944.
The plane crashed for unknown reasons while flying to the airfield. It was raised from the bottom of lake Martyavr in 2004.
The remains of the pilot are buried.

German soldiers with cans of American stew:
Wartime promotional posters:
Other types of American Lend Lease canned stew of different volumes: