C Ration

COFFE 1942
The complete C Ration consisted of 6 cans of the same type divided into three meals, each of which consisted of a B-unit (Bread unit) and canned meat M-unit (Meat unit). This diet was adopted in 1939 and throughout the war its composition was constantly changing.
When creating a copy, we relied on the filling of the 1942. Then it traditionally consisted of several dry biscuits, a disk of parchment used to separate the components of the ration, 3 sugar cubes, a bag of coffee and 5 lollipops of various fruit flavors. All these components are included in our copy of the Ration.
Features of our B-unit:
Tin can with key
We copied the original jar opening system using a special key located at the bottom of the jar.
On each ration there is a stamp informing about the release date and the type of drink that is inside the jar. Writing COFFEE with the missing letter E is not accidental. Such stamps were also placed on the original samples due to the limitations of 5 characters for marking machines of that time
Authentic content
All the traditional elements of the ration remained in place: Cookies, Nescafe coffee, lollipops and 3 cubes of Jack Frost sugar.
When creating our soldering, we relied on original samples
Cooking in the field.
A full meal. The canned food is heated on the burner, the B-unit is standing near. Domino's sugar and lollipops are clearly visible.
B-Unit released in October 1942.
All the traditional components of the ration are visible: Cookies, sugar, Nescafe coffee and sweets.
An authentic coffee bag made by Nescafe.
The characteristic spelling of the type of drink on the original jar
B-Unit released in December 1942.
Another original ration, but this time with cocoa (CB - Cocoa Beverage)
Key for opening the jar
The key for opening was soldered to the bottom of the jar.