Ointments in tubes for the German army
Often during the excavations of the German positions, can find various metal tubes of ointments. Most of them are of the same type, but they have different colors, styles of labels, different volume and material of covers. In addition to ointments in standard tubes of the sanitary Department of the German army, soldiers used various civilian ointments that they bought themselves or received in parcels (for example, the well-known Nivea). These ointments are a great variety and we will not focus on them.
In this article, we will try to consider all known types of ointments in standard tubes, which were used by soldiers of the German army.

A standard tube of ointment had a volume of 10ml or 20ml, less often there are tubes of other volumes. On the surface of the tube were applied in black paint the name of the ointment in a frame, the name of the Wehrkreissanitätspark - the military district to which the sanitary Department that issued the ointment belongs, and the inscription "Leere Tuben sammeln!" - used tubes are collected!
The Wehrkreissanitätspark names correspond to the German military districts (Wehrkreis), with additional sanitary facilities added:

Hauptsanitatspark Berlin
Hauptsanitatspark Berlin-Lichtenberg

I - Königsberg
II - Stettin
III - Berlin
IV - Leipzig
V - Stuttgart
VI - Osnabrück
VII - München
VIII - Breslau
IX - Kassel, Ihringhausen bei Kassel
X - Hamburg, Hamburg-Wandsbek
XI - Hannover
XII - Wiesbaden
XIII - Würzburg-Heidingsfeld
XVII - Wien
XVIII - Salzburg
Ointments were mandatory contents of medical pouches, but their assortment was different for different pouches. For storing ointments in medical pouches, a special tin box with the inscription Salbe, painted in the color of feldgrau on the outside and in red on the inside, which was called feldgrauer Blechschachtel
Blechschachtel boxes were of two types for different pouches: small for 4 tubes and large for 10 tubes
However, in addition to medical pouches, ointments were also given to the hands of soldiers, which is confirmed by their widespread presence on German positions, in dugouts, trenches and rifle cells.

Consider the range of ointments in more detail:
Alkalische Augensalbe - An alkaline eye ointment used to treat the eyes.
Separately, it is worth mentioning the alkaline eye ointment for the defeat of toxic substances, on tubes with this ointment was applied the inscription: Nur für Kampfstoffverletzte
Augenvaseline - Vaseline for eyes, used to treat the skin around the eyes.
Borsalbe - Boric ointment was used as an antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic (anti-fungal) agent.
Borsalbe SS - Boric ointment for SS. The Waffen-SS troops were supplied from their own warehouses, and this included uniforms and equipment, as well as ointments. Tubes marked with SS are extremely rare. For boric ointment, there are two types of tubes: 10ml - a non-question original, and larger tube, the originality of which is questionable.
Brillenglassalbe - Anti-fogging ointment for gas mask glasses.
Frostheilsalbe - Ointment for the treatment of frostbite.
There were several subspecies of inscriptions, depending on the active substance.
Tubes with the inscription Frostheilsalbe
Tubes with the inscription Unguentum Ammoniisulfoichthyolici 10% ig Frost-Heilsalbe
Tubes with the inscription Unguentum Ammonii sulfokarwendolici 10% ig Frost-Heilsalbe
Frostschutzsalbe - Ointment to protect against frostbite. The ointment was packed in tubes of 10ml and 20ml. As in the previous version, the name of the active substance could be applied to the tube, or it could not be applied. There is a wide variety of styles of writing the name of the ointment, which can be divided into two main types:
Tubes with the inscription Frostschutzsalbe
Tubes with the inscription Unguentum Lanolini cerat. Frostschutzsalbe
Known version of the ointment for protection from frostbite for pilots, on tubes with this ointment was applied the inscription: Frostschutzsalbe für Flieger
Salbe gegen Erfrierungen - another type of frostbite ointment, packed in 20ml tubes
Fußschweibsalde - ointment from sweating feet.
Ointment with the most diverse and vibrant tube design. The tubes were painted red, or the inscriptions were applied to unpainted tubes, and the tubes were painted yellow. In addition, there were many options of caps and fonts.
Known version of the ointment Fußschweibsalde for the Waffen-SS.
In addition there was an analog of the previous ointment Fußheilsalde, - therapeutic foot ointment, based on salicylic ointment and vaseline, known only in the version for the Waffen-SS.
Haemorrhoidal-Salbe - Hemorrhoid ointment.
Heilsalbe bei Sonnenbrand - Ointment for the treatment of sunburn, produced in tubes of 20ml.
Lichtschutzsalbe - Sunscreen ointment, as well as frostbite ointment was Packed in tubes of 10ml and 20ml.
Hundefett - Dog fat, a universal ointment used for the treatment of respiratory tract, bronchitis, tuberculosis, skin diseases and for wound healing. Known in the version for the Waffen-SS.
Ichthyolsalbe - Ichthyol ointment, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. Known in the version for the Waffen-SS.
Körperschutzsalbe - literally: protective ointment for the body. It was part of a set for protection from venereal diseases. The instructions for use stated: "Before sexual intercourse, apply a thin layer of ointment on the penis, especially on the balanus"
Rogosept - a similar ointment for protection from venereal diseases.
Lebertransalbe - Ointment with fish oil, used to treat and protect the skin. Packed in tubes of about 25ml.
Lebertranzinkpaste - Ointment with fish oil and zinc. Analog of the previous ointment with the same application.
Mückensalbe - Mosquito repellent.
Nasensalbe - Ointment for the nose.
There were also slightly different versions of nasal ointment Nasensalbe
Rheumatismussalbe - Ointment for rheumatism
Salizylsalbe 2% Fußheilsalde - Salicylic ointment to protect the feet. An anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ointment used to treat calluses and protect the skin.
Salizylsalbe 2% - Salicylic ointment. A similar ointment for General use. Tube of infrequent yellow color.
Unguentum Anaesthesini 5% - local analgesic ointment.
Unguentum Molle - moisturizing ointment for skin treatment.
Unguentum Pellidoli 2% ig - ointment for treating wounds and burns.
Unguentum Pellidoli 2% ig - similar ointment for the Waffen SS.
Weiche Salbe - emollient ointment for skin treatment.
Zinkpaste - Zinc ointment. Universal ointment for the treatment of diaper rash, wounds or calluses, small thermal and sunburn. It has a drying, adsorbing, astringent and disinfecting effect. Relieves local inflammation and irritation of the skin. It has sunscreen properties.
In addition to ointments in tubes, German soldiers often used ointments in tin cans. For example an ointment to protect against frostbite Frostschutzsalbe
Or ointment for treating burns Brandwunden Salbe
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