VESHMESHOK — the History of wartime life of the Second World war soldiers
Our products are copies of personal belongings, food and household items of soldiers of that war, fully usable for their intended purpose.
What is a VESHMESHOK for?
Do you want to really immerse yourself in the era of World War II?
Our replicas will help you feel like a soldier of that war.
How to surprise a history lover?
Give him a souvenir from the VESHMESHOK and he will remember it for sure!
Our products are copies that are as close as possible to the originals. When creating them, we always rely only on authentic historical samples. You can easily add our replicas to the exposition of your Museum!
A good movie is always full of details. Fill the frame with our items, and the audience will appreciate your approach!
Our replicas will bring to life your collection of equipment, uniforms and personal items of World War II soldiers.
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We love history and are engaged in military-historical reenactment, so we regularly use our products for their intended purpose and check their quality on ourselves.

Creating our replicas, we follow main principle: Reenactment in detail. It is important for us that a thing made even today should carry the elusive spirit of the time, which makes the heart stop.

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All images of symbols of the NSDAP, Wehrmacht, SS, other organizations and structures of Germany and its allied States in the period 1933-1945 on this resource are provided solely for historical and informational purposes and are not aspects of political propaganda and agitation.
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